INRIX  just announced the availability of a powerful new solution for understanding the movement of people through the trips they take – INRIX Trip Paths. The DB4IoT mobility analytics platform is terrific for deploying the INRIX Trips Paths data for transportation analysis.

INRIX Trip Paths is billions of GPS data points transmitted by moving vehicles or devices expertly map-matched by INRIX to road segment data from sources like OpenStreetMap. It is actual observed individual trips, including associated entry and exit times for each segment of road.

INRIX teamed with Moonshadow and the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology Laboratory at the University of Maryland on a webinar to discuss use cases and trial results in working with this exciting new dataset from INRIX.

Watch the full webinar video: “Webinar: Trip Paths, How to Take the Fast Route Out of the GPS Weeds

View the DB4IoT portion of the webinar presentation as a PDF.

INRIX Webinar - DB4IoT with INRIX Trip Paths & Trip Reports 2018.0618-Title